Friendship Rally, Matera, Italy, 2017

The Italian Federation (Federcampeggio) will celebrate its well-known Friendship Rally. This event has taken place in several European countries: Croatia, Portugal, Austria -twice in this country, Slovenia and Italy -3 times, including this event. FICC club members are welcome to participate.

6 to 10 December 2017
Matera (Basilicata region), a nice city in the south of Italy

Matera, Italia
It is a city and municipality, capital of the province, in the south of Italy, region of Basilicata; located south of Naples, about 65 km from Bari.

If you walk in Matera you can have the sensation of entering a manger. It's no coincidence that it is called the second Bethlehem, and has served as a stage for films such as "The Passion of Christ" by Mel Gibson or "The Gospel according to St. Matthew" by Pasolini.
Certainly, if you are planning to travel to Italy, you may take the opportunity of joining this friendly Rally in Matera.

More information, Confederazione Italiana Campeggiatori:
Secretariat: +39 055 882 391; fax: +39 055 882 5918

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