France Passion, on its 25th anniversary, promotes its motorhome guide

France Passion, which will blow its twenty-fifth candle in 2017, launches a call to gather new motorhomers and expand its already well-supplied guide.
You will have the opportunity to stay at farms, wine-producers, artisans and farm-inns. Many of them for free.

France Passion, free stay at farms, wineries, farm-ins...

You can taste: cheeses, wines from all vineyards, organic fruits and vegetables, olive oil, meats, honey, foie gras ...
The principle of France Passion is simple. At the beginning of the year, the motorhomers buy a guide that provides lists addresses of vine growers, farmers and other producers of all kinds. These people undertake to welcome motorhomers on their property for one night.

The principle is based on encounters, exchange and conviviality.
  • Pleasant nature walks, conviviality and free parking in the heart of the regions
  • For lovers of genuine products and warm encounters
  • Off-the-beaten track routes
  • 10,000 pitches for safe and quiet nights
  • Europe's largest motorhome network
  • The Guide for Motorhomers, since 1993
The link between the rural world and motorhomers!

To enhance its guide 2017, France Passion is looking for new hosts. Interested parties can contact the company by email: info@france-passion.com

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