French Vignette, after Paris, is now mandatory in the region of Grenoble

If you travel to France and are planning to visit Paris or Grenoble (soon coming Strasbourg) do not forget to buy your vignette. It is now possible to order online.

París, Grenoble, Lyon y Estrasburgo, restricción medioambiental

The Crit'Air sticker (vignette) is mandatory to drive in environmental cities, was introduced in France on 1 July 2016. After Paris, several French cities such as Grenoble, Lyon and Strasbourg also restrict traffic to prevent environmental pollution.

Vehicles that can not receive the Crit'Air sticker (the vignette); check the year of manufacturing below - vehicles manufactured before the indicated dates below will not be allowed .

Please note the registration date and type of your vehicle, older vehicles, as a rule, can not obtain any Crit'Air sticker.
For this reason, no Crit'Air sticker or vignette may be applied for the following vehicle types and registration dates:
  • No vehicles registered before 01.01.1997;
  • No light commercial vehicles under 3,5 ton. registered before 01.10.1997;
  • No light commercial vehicles with two, three or four wheels registered before 01.06.2000;
  • No lorries or buses/coaches registered before 01.10.2001.
Oficial website, https://www.crit-air.fr/en/
Official website (order online),  https://www.crit-air.fr/nc/en/store.html

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