Algarve: closing of the parking for motorhomes in Portimao, Portugal

The motorhome parking in Praia da Rocha, Portimao, Algarve, Portugal, has definitely closed. The site was well known by thousands of motorhomers who used to park there, very frequented all year round. It was run by a private company, with very affordable prices.

Aparcamiento en Portimao, el Algarve, Portugal
Foto: Le Mond du Camping Car

Possible causes of closure
The images that have been transmitted leave no doubt: at the entrance of the parking lot a large sign said "fechado", closed. The tourism office of Portimao and Praia da Rocha, have confirmed the closure. As for the reasons, have not given explanations, "this is a private parking," they said.

According to "Le Mond du Camping Car", the reasons are not clear. Nevertheless, the testimony of some motorhomers is clear: "this is due to the abuse, the neglect and the bad behavior of some motorhomers - mostly foreigners". For example: opened awnings (is supposed to be a parking place), barbecues, stealing water, improper drainage of chemical cassetes and so on". These are bad practices of a few shameless people, who, with these actions, are penalizing all of us.

Aparcamiento en Portimao, el Algarve, Portugal
Foto: Le Mond du Camping Car
To forbid is not the solution
Unfortunately, the only understandable way for those who fail to comply with rules are heavy fines. The solution is not against all motorhomers. Certainly local authorities are also to blame for not enforcing the rules to avoid serious situations, as the one mentioned above.

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