Wild camping to be limited in Scotland

Britain is one of the most difficult countries for motorhomes. For now, there are quite a number of places in Scotland where motorhomers can stop freely at night. However, things could change in a radical way. The motorhomefulltime informed us that it is forbidden to spend the night in two well known spots in Scotland; so, in short, these are measures to stop the so called wild camping. Be as it may, motorhomers greatest fears are that these prohibitions may extend to the entire country.

The article on this website is a short notice; nevertheless, a new regulation has been adopted and announced by the Scottish Government. It is forbidden to spend the night around Loch Lomond and the National Park Trossach. It will be forbidden to stay in certain areas from 1st March to late September. A prohibition which in principle seems very localized. However, our British colleagues fear that it will spread to the detriment of motorhomers. There are bad precedents in this regard, such as hostility against these vehicles is still very common in some UK areas.

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