New stopover in Ubeda-Baeza (Jaén) Andalusia, Spain

Photo: ideal.es
The opening of this new stopover has taken place from 04 to 08 December 2015 in Úbeda-Baeza.
The event has been organized by the Andalusian Motorhome Association,  ASANDAC, (in Spanish, Asociación Andaluza de Autocaravanistas).
The stopover has parking overnight and services such as potable water, chemical and grey-water disposal. It is located at "el Camino del Pájaro Verde", next to the local swimming pool.

Úbeda (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈuβeða]; is a town in the province of Jaén  in Spain's autonomous community of Andalusia, with some 36,000 inhabitants. Both this city and the neighbouring city of Baeza benefited from extensive patronage in the early 16th century resulting in the construction of a series of Renaissance style palaces and churches, which have been preserved ever since. In 2003, UNESCO declared the historic cores and monuments of these two towns a World Heritage Site

A nice place to visit and relax for a few days.

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