Motorhome driving in historic town, Spain

Foto: vocesdecuenca.com
It is important to take care if you are planning to travel on your motorhome to historic cities or old quarters; the aim is to avoid difficult situations with possible damage to your vehicle, buildings and even a fine.
This comes about because some motorhomers are involved in similar situations in European cities.

A recent example happened in the city of Cuenca, Spain. See picture on the left.

On last Sunday a motorhome got stuck between houses trying to go by one way street of the mention city.
As a result, the motorhome had to reverse in a very dangerous manoeuvre. And it's not the first time that one has to pay a fine for this type of incident.

Moreover, in some old towns, vehicles over 2 meters wide are forbidden to circulate, as it is the case of the old town of Cuenca. One has to take into account that RV’s are usually around 2.30 meters wide.

So our recommendation is that before visiting historic places by motorhome it will be convenient to get information from the tourist office.

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