Valencia, Spain, regulation of stopovers/rest areas for motorcaravans

Translation from the Official Journal of the Valencia Community, Spain

Decree number 6/2015, January 23rd, approved by the Campsites Regulating Council and overnight Stopovers/Areas on transit dedicated to motorcaravans in the Valencia Community [2015/563]
Published on 27-01-2015 in the Official Journal of the Valencia Community.

Title III regulates, for the first time in Valencia, “Overnight Transit Areas for Motorcaravans” in ground spaces, equipped to provide maintenance services typical of motorcaravans and campers (the smaller version of motorcaravans), such as chemical and water discharge, plus parking and overnight staying. The rule limits the stay in these establishments to forty-eight hours and it is forbidden, given its nature, the installation of external elements that do not correspond with those of transit travel use, such as awnings, fences or anything beyond the vehicle perimeter. 

It is understood that “Overnight Transit Areas for Motorcaravans” shall have ground spaces properly defined with all necessary equipment, open to the public for occupancy, exclusively for motorcaravans, including campers, and the people driving them in exchange for a fee wherein self-maintenance of motorcaravans plus parking and overnight staying are provided.

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