Very special vintage food trucks in Spain

Photo: © Rufina e Hijas

Rufina and Daughters is a unique company that rents vintage trucks in Spain, both as a rural getaway for days or weeks with or without catering. They are highly customized or what one might also call, plans for "cool" girls or something like a very personal style.

Vintage Citroën vans or trucks that will not go unnoticed. According to what Rufina mentions on the website: "despite his 42 years, very well kept by the way, has a zest for life and fun that will take your sense.

Nothing is missing, even have "baristas" (professional barman specialist in different types of coffee elaboration), disc jockeys and food trucks. The mission is "to achieve that street food occupies the place that always should have had in the public space"

Photo: © Rufina e Hijas

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