Motorcaravan sales statistics first half 2014

January - June 2014
Registration of new vehicles in Europe

Sales of motorhomes and recreational vehicles in general have still a long way to improve in Europe. 
Manufacturers and concessionaires are struggling through the economic situation; especially German dealers, having the largest number of manufacturers in Europe, are looking different ways to attract customers.

Germany, France, UK, Sweden and Switzerland were the biggest buyers. Motorcaravan sales have increased in comparison with caravans. However, sales expectation in 2014 is slightly lower than 2013. This is a clear sign that there is a long way for the market to recover.

Ironically, in these times of recession, motorcaravans (usually the most expensive ones) were the most demanded vehicles among recreational vehicles.

However, in the opinion of this site, motorhomes prices are overrated. Manufacturers and dealers would make themselves a great favour if they reconsidered the excessive prices they are charging for these vehicles. Simple reflection, why American dealers can sell affordable motorhomes whereas Europeans are not able to?

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