Checklist for your motorhme before leaving on your summer holiday

Making a list is always a convenient way to check maintenance and personal needs, this will avoid possible drawbacks while you are on holidays in your motorhome. The main object is to make your motorhome a comfortable and healthy place to stay.
  1. Clean all surfaces.  Clean windows with diluted vinegar.  Wash all curtains and bedding.  Vacuum-clean mattresses and bed frames. 
  2. Go over all cushions and seat covers with the vacuum cleaner.  Clean under all moveable furniture.
  3. Dust and polish wood panelling with wax or oil (if necessary or as indicated).
  4. Clean out drawers and cupboards.  Wash cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils.
  5. Sort out and remove foodstuff and drinks that are past their best-before date and replace with fresh supplies.
  6. Clean out the refrigerator.  Use baking powder to eliminate smells.
  7. Replace soap, hairspray and body lotions.
  8. Check your maps and don’t forget your GPS, chargers for cell phones, iPads, PCs, Kindle, etc.
  9. Check your first aid kit, antiseptic solution/powder and painkillers.
  10. Check that all doors and windows close properly.
  11. Don’t forget your toolbox.   
  12. Change the filter in the air-conditioning unit.
  13. In case of an accident or emergency, leave details of your route and destination with someone you trust.
  14. Make sure the passport of any accompanying pet animals complies with local health regulations. 
  15. If you are suffering from a chronic illness it is a good idea to have your clinical records with you and check out the location of hospitals and emergency centres in advance.
Source: Blue Beret (USA)

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