Take care of your motorhome water tank

Don’t forget to clean out your water tank
Before the holiday season begins, it is very important to give the tank that holds your drinking water a thorough cleaning. A simple, quick and hygienic method for disinfecting your tank is to use Certibox or other similar preparations that are on the market. Bacteria and algae tend to build up if water is left to stagnate in the tank, pump and tubing, especially in warm, or badly ventilated places.

This biofilm is a breeding ground for bacteria. Clear water is not necessarily a guarantee of a hygienic and sterile environment because bacteria and other disease-causing agents are invisible to the naked eye.
So the proper use of appropriate products is a pre-requisite and a “must“when cleaning your water supply system.
Source: FICC
Original source: Camping, Cars & Caravans (Germany)

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