Friendship Rally Catez, Slovenia, 2014

1st – 4th May 2014

Confedercampeggio (The Italian Federation) is celebrating its 6th edition of the already well known Friendship Rally. This event has taken place in several countries: Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Austria (2 times in Carinzia) and now Slovenia.

As an unlimited source of surprises, Slovenia sets aside endless emotions for its visitors. All European beauties are gathered in this country located between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea.
Starting from the wonderful snow-clad peaks of Alpi Giulie, you can reach the coast in a short while, admiring breathtaking outlooks: wide valleys, centuries-old woods, vineyards, in addition to the amazing and mysterious Caverns of Carso.

Join the Friendship Rally, you will have a wonderful time!
Federcampeggio.it - Organizer's website

For any questions contact the organizer:
E-mail: amministrazione@federcampeggio.it
Fax number: +39 55 88 25 918 

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