64th FICC YOUTH RALLY, Santo André, Portugal

17th to 21st April 2014

The next international FICC Youth Rally will take place in Santo André, Portugal, in a magnificent campsite (property of the Portuguese Federation), at stone's throw from a beautiful beach. Furthermore, Santo andré has a very mild temperature during Easter. 

This popular Rally, attended by many youth from different countries of the world, is the perfect excuse to know people from other cultures and practice those languges you were studying. In any case, enjoyment is guaranteed with entertainment, music and sports. 
This Rally has been being celebrated annually, during Easter, since 1950, in different parts of Europe. The Portuguese Federation (Federaçao de Campismo e Montanhismo de Portugal) has a long experience in celebrating these events, they had already organized, some years ago, a very successful FICC Youth Rally in Lisbon.

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