France: camp in my garden

France, among other countries, are offering the possibility to camp in private gardens

Of course, at much lower prices. This practice is already a current trend in France. The owners provide the land, they make money and visitors have considerable savings.

Through the website www.campedansmonjardin.com "Campe dans mon jardin", that is to say, camp in my garden, you will find more than 500 private gardens available for camping. If you look on the website you can find prices for two people around 15 € (much cheaper if tents), even in high season. Overall, less than half of what one would pay in a campsite.

Olivier Dafour, founder of the project, started this service in 2012, after he went wild camping for a year in Australia.

"For many, the conviviality and exchange of experiences is also important," as one of the founders of the project told the BBC.

The idea, spread through his website, already crossed borders extending this service to around ten countries, which include Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, India and Turkey and UK (on a different website). "Now we're going to focus on the internationalization of the project," he stated.

The FFCC (Fédération Française de Camping et de Caravanning) publicly criticized the project denouncing unfair competition. "The concept penalizes true camping sites that made efforts to adapt to the new security rules, set in 2010," said a spokesman.
Original Source: TVI 24 -Portugal

Locate the gardens on the following websites
English version –manage by a different group. On this website you can find private gardens for camping (including the UK): http://campinmygarden.com/

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