The Motorcaravanning Commission Meeting in Brussels, 16th November 2012

The C1 Driving Licence for motorcaravanners with B licence could soon be  be a reality. This information means that a draft has been circulated by the European Parliament. And the Motorcaravanning Commission has an important part in this process, since it has been the main subject of the agenda for a long time, since 2005.

Normally, the commission celebrates its meetings in different European countries, but this time it was in Brussels, at the headquarters of the FICC.
The meeting was attended by the following members of the Commission: Les Kendrick, from The Motorcaravanners' Club, UK; Dr. Gianni Picilli, President of Confedercampeggio, Italy; Chris Wells, Council member of “The Camping and Caravanning Club”, UK; Gérard Couté, President of the French Federation and Jose Gonzalez, Chairman of the Motorcaravanning Commission, Spain.

The Commission members discussed important issues concerning the motorhome (or motorcaravanning) community in Europe, such as the C1 driving license –mentioned above-, stopovers or rest areas for motorhomes, environmental or “Low Emission Zones” in Europe, motorcaravanning technical information, towing trailers with a motorhome and its regulations in European countries were, among other subjects, in the discussion agenda.

The main task of the Commission group is to clarify controversial situations that concern motorcaravanning community, especially when we are talking about different regulations and standards that are not yet approved in EU. Certainly, our work is focussed on finding solutions that can be processed from the European Union.

Our next meeting will be in Lisbon, on Saturday, 6th April 2013. When that happens we will be pleased to keep you informed.
Until them have a nice time!

The Motorcaravanning Commission, FICC                17th November 2012

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