Promo tour “Visit Russia”, May 7-24th, 2012

New touristic route to “Visit Russia”
"The Caravaners League" (an FICC motorhome member club) presents a new touristic route “Visit Russia”. The main idea is to show foreign visitors Russia as a new, interesting and comfortable country for motorhome tourism.

The club presents a complete touristic route fitting perfectly for both foreign and Russian travellers. This route can be used either by independent travellers or by groups. Russia has its own full bright and exciting history and it is definitely what to look at. Finally, a great possibility is available to make an absolutely safe motorhome trip with European comfort.

Route description: St. Petersburg Valday The Gold Ring Moscow Smolensk Minsk
Estimated dates for the first promo tour: May, 7th – 24th, 2012

Find out the full details on the following page in English language: http://caravanliga.ru/welcome-to-russia