Split Screen VW Camper Vans

Split Screen VW Camper Vans were produced between 1950 and 1967 as Volkswagen then introduced the Bay Window Camper in 1968, so this then replaced the split screen model.

These models are highly sought after around the world as they are now classed as collectable classic cars so not many are actually driven compared to models such as the newer Bay Window or Westphalia vans.

Split Screen VW Camp Vans are found all over the world and many that you will find for sale have been imported so the side of the steering wheel is varied depending on where it was originally produced for back in the 60's.

As standard, the Split Screen VW Camper Vans had a 1200-1500cc engine that was found in the Volkswagen Beetle as well as 6 volt electrics but many have now been converted to 12 volt systems. The rear suspension used Swing Arm Rear Suspension, again like the Beetle. This was later changed to Universal Joint Rear Axles which improved the handling in the later models such as the Bay Window Models.
1968 Classic Early Bay VW Camper 

As these models are so old, you will find that when you try to buy them it is highly recommended that you get an experienced VW Camper Repair Company to check it over. It might cost money up front to get it checked over but you will be thanking them if they can steer you away from a Van that will need thousands spending within the next year.

Another great point about Split Screen Vans is that in the UK, they are exempt from the ever rising Car Tax as they were produced before 1st January 1973.

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