News sent by Dr. Gianni Picilli, President of Confedercampeggio, Italian Federation

The Chinese delegation, arrived in Italy on invitation of Confedercampeggio (Italian Federation), has successfully achieved the purpose of the visit "three days in Tuscany to know the Italian Open Air Tourism".
The project was born in Portugal, where an event took place, set up by our organization and supported by FICC, with the participation of representatives from Turkey, Croatia, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, China and Canada. Actually, it was just FICC, (Fédération de Camping et de Caravaning) to persuade the Chinese federation to visit Italy. After a dense exchange of preliminary messages, the qualified representatives of Republic of China took the opportunities to meet the most important organizations of open-air tourism, from 11 to 13 of June. First of all, we need to deeply thank the President of FICC, Mr Joao Pereira (who came in Italy expressly) and the President of APC (Association of v.r. Manufacturers), Paolo Bicci, for their cooperation during the setting up of the program.

The Chinese delegation  was composed by:

Chen Xiao       Official of China Sports Tourism Expo
Hu Jingmei     Official of China Sports Tourism Expo
Liao Hongbin  China Sports Tourism Expo RV Purchasing Department
Ding Jiayi       China Sports Tourism Expo RV Purchasing Department

On the picture above: President of the FICC Joao Pereira, centre, and Dr. Gianni Picilli on the right with members of the Chinese Delegation
Read the complete article on the Italian Federation Newsletter "Il Carapace"

Italian Federation Newsletter -Carapace 15-2011 -

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