Garmin, the satnav company have launched a miniature device that allows you to track and ringfence your valuables. Provided you can recharge it at least every 4 weeks it offers interesting possibilities for monitoring the whereabouts of your caravan, campervan or motorhome, even your dog!

GTU 10 owners can create up to 10 geofences (virtual boundaries) for your device so that when it enters or exits a geofenced area, Garmin can send an email or text message notification to you or authorised friends and family members”
So the idea is you leave it hidden away with it’s geofence around it and then if it is move out of the area you get an SMS message and email alerting you. Then you log onto Garmin’s tracking website and track where your van is and tell the Police where to go to find it. The device should be accurate to about 20 Meters so you can lead the constabulary to the exact location.

How It Works
Small (3”x1.3”x.8”), lightweight (1.7 oz.), waterproof and packaged with a carabiner clip and pouch, GTU 10 is easy to attach to a backpack, dog collar or anything else you want to track. Once you register your GTU 10 at my.Garmin.com, the tracking service is enabled. When you’re on your computer, Garmin’s Tracking website helps you manage your GTU 10 and map its location. For even more convenience when you’re on the go, you can download the Garmin Tracker™ application for your mobile device to see the location of GTU 10 and how it relates to your current location. For another level of connectivity, compatible Garmin nüLink devices can automatically route to the GTU 10’s location with turn-by-turn directions.

The Garmin GTU 10 has a recommended price of £180 which includes one years membership of the tracking service.
“Standard Tracking can be renewed at an annual rate of £45 after the first year of complimentary service. For those who want a more detailed history, the Deluxe Tracking service plan (£4 per month) can access 7 days of track history.”

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