Caravans for Sale are a great option to find as affordable vehicles this season. Vacation expenses can be dramatically reduced if you choose this option. Especially accommodation expenses for the whole family. On the other hand this option can enable you to get your dog and then  stay for as long as you feel like it. If it gets boring, just change the caravan park and you have a whole new experience.
But these days the market of caravans for sale dramatically increased and it offers a variety of choices for recreation vehicles to choose from. Another good option to consider are motorhomes but still there is a difference between both of these. They both have their pros and cons. So read about both and make your choice considering what fits you best.

Basically they both have the same technical purpose but the vacation experience can be different based again on their differences. Let’s start with the advantages that Caravans for Sale have:
When you park your caravan but still want to visit the town nearby, you can unhitch the caravan and leave it at the park and go explore the places nearby with your car only.
The price of an average middle class caravan for sale is almost twice as low as the price of amotorhome of the same class.

How about their disadvantages now:
Caravans are not as flexible as motorhomes in regards to their immovability and dislocation. It is always harder to prepare a caravans for dislocation than a motorhome.
Motorhomes, even though more expensive have their own advantages too:
When driving your motorhome to your vacation you always have more options where to park, since you are allowed to park anywhere a normal car can. On the other hand caravans have to be parked in special location: caravan park, which have their own fees.
This way motorohomes, bring you the freedom that no caravan, new or used can. You can park at different places for a shorter period of time and explore much more during you dream holiday.

Disadvantages of Motorhomes:
Motorhomes are very expensive comparing to Caravans, and that is the biggest and maybe the crucial disadvantage.
One more thing you have to consider as an additional expense driving a motorhome is the insurance that is a must and a legal obligation in many countries.
As you can see making up your mind is not quite easy and the answer to the question “Caravan for Sale or a Motorohome? is not very easy to find. A caravan can be better option because of their lower pricing. But in some cases it may not be. If you like travelling around and not being stuck in just one place for your vacation, motorhomes are the right choice for you. This is the freedom that no Caravan can ever provide for your adventure spirit.

So it really remains up to you and your preferences and budget.
Written by: Tomas Brown

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