European Motor Caravanners participated in the 2nd Friendship Rally in Berchtesgaden, Germany
Königsee lake - is the deepest and one of most important German Lakes
The second edition of the Friendship Rally took place in a huge area in Berchtesgaden, (Bavaria region) Germany, near the Austrian border. All participants coming from Italy, France, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands and Germany met at Allweglehen Camping Site in Berchtesgaden. The Manager, Mr. Thomas Fendt, gave them a very warm welcome. Besides de Director of the Board of Tourism in Waging, Mr Wolfgang Eckerlein – the band of Laufen with alpine horns, music, beer and high spirits assured  that the 150 units (with over 300 participants) would spend a pleasant weekend. 
Several sightseeing tours were organized to Konigsee and to Sankt Bartholoma Nunnery.  Dr. Picilli, President of Confedercampeggio, his Councillors, the General Secretary Irene Vai and,  from Lombardia-Italy, the Federation’s President, Mr. Adriano Cremonte, presented a special award to Mr. Werner Eckl for his excellent work .
Therefore, Confedercampeggio, the Italian Federation, as founder and organizer of this International event, the Friendship Rally, wished and expressed satisfaction and appreciation for the running of the International Rally. They also thanked the FICC for giving patronage for the second Friendship Rally making campers enjoy a nice weekend in a simple and genuine way. 

The 3rd edition of the Friendship Rally 2011 will be in Portugal.

 St. Bartholomä Church and the Eastern face - XVII century

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