Aires/Stopovers and Parking
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The following will help you to understand how Spanish Aires are organized
  • PUBLIC AIRE/STOPOVER (Área de servicio Pública) Promoted by local, provincial or national authorities. Most of these sites are free; however, in some occasions may be payable.
  • PRIVATE AIRE (Área de servicio Privada) Promoted by private companies. Most of these sites are payable, however, in some occasions may be free.
  • REST AREA ON ROUTE (Área se servicio en ruta): Promoted by petrol stations, hotels, restaurants, etc. in the road network. Most of these areas are free of charge, but sometimes may be payable.
  • CAMPSITE REST AREA (Área de servicio en Camping): Promoted by campsite owners. These sites are always payable, except on rare occasions.
  • PARKING: Promoted by local authorities, provincial or national. Many of these parking sites may be free of charge. Moreover, these sites may offer different services or, in some places, as a stopover with services..

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