New motorhome stopover in Benavente (Zamora), Spain


 The city of Benavente will join the network of motorhome stopovers in Spain

Benavente has always been a stopping point that motorhomers have been demanding. Above all, for those who come from the region of Galicia and, of course, from the rest of Spain. The city of Benavente has a lot to offer to all visitors and, in this case, to all motorhomers.

According to the councillor of the city, José Mariño, the "Ruta de la Plata" Association, to which this city belongs, requested a motorhome stopover in Benavente. To this end, the City Council has allocated € 40,000 to enable a motorhome stopover that has drinking water facilities, gray water and chemical disposal. The site is a stone's throw away from the urban area, close to supermarkets, shops and shopping in general. The work is expected to be ready next summer.

We will report more on this matter when the site is completed.

New motorhome stopover, Cigales (Valladolid), Spain

 The municipality of Cigales has opened a motorhome stopover

Source: elespanol.com

It is an area reserved for 4 motorhomes. It has potable water, gray water drainage and chemical cassette discharge. Maximum stay 48 hours.

No doubt, it is a very important wine-producing area in Spain. Very appropriate to make a visit to the town that includes a tasting of its famous wines and, of course, the good gastronomy of the area.
The opening was carried out by the authorities of Cigales and the Camping Caravaning Club Duero from Valladolid.

Cigales (population: 5,300 inhabitants, aprox.) is a municipality and town in Spain, in the province of Valladolid, autonomous community of Castilla y León. It is located 13 km northwest of the capital, it is the center of the countryside of Pisuerga region.

Address: located between Don Abelardo Conde and C. Majada streets, 47270 Cigales, Valladolid

New motorhome stopover, Écija (Sevilla), Spain

 The town of Écija, province of Seville, joins the network of motorhomes in Spain

A hundred motorhomes attended the opening of this stopover. On November 13, members of ASANDAC (Andalusian Motorhome Association) met to celebrate the event.
The area meets all conditions for the supply of drinking water, drainage of gray water and a chemical cassette. In addition, it is only 1.5 km from the center. It is a quiet area to rest. It is close to supermarkets, bars, shops, police, etc.

Écija (40.000 inhabitants, approx.) is a municipality and a city belonging to the province of Seville in Andalusia, located in the region of the same name, geographically located in the east of the province and settled in the Genil valley.

Address:  Ronda del Ferrocarril, s/n , 41400 - Écija (Sevilla), Spain