New stopover, Toro (Zamora), Spain

The Toro town hall (Zamora, Spain) already has a new motorhome stopover

A motorhome stopover has been expected in this picturesque town for a long time. Undoubtedly, motorhome drivers who visit this region will be in luck. It is worth visiting this region for its landscapes, its gastronomy and its famous wines.

The stopover meets the necessary conditions to spend the night: parking, drinking water, emptying of gray water and chemical toilet. It consists of 14 parking spaces, two of them for emptying and water supply service. It is close to the city center, hotels and shopping.
The area is located in the "Barrio del Carmen", equipped with trees, well lit. It also has a children's playground to the delight of the little ones.
The overnight stay is € 5 per night.

Address: Barrio del Carmen S/N, 49,800 -Toro (Zamora).
GPS coordinates: 41.518677, -5.388893  -  N 41°31'07.2" / W 5°23'20.0"

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