New motorhome stopover, Irurzun (Navarra), Spain

Irurzun joins the network of motorhomes in Spain

The stopover located in the same village. It has 10 places, depending on the measurements of the vehicles. Maximum stay 48 hours. Price per vehicle: € 5.

Photo: noticiasdenavarra.com

The site has services of drinking water, gray water and chemical toilet discharge. Local motorhomers have a special annual fee of € 15 for the use of services.

Irurzun is a beautiful town that is worth visiting. It is a municipality of the Foral Community of Navarra, located near Pamplona, in the La Barranca region, in the Araquil river valley at 20 km from the capital of the community, Pamplona. Its population is about 2,180 inhabitants, approx.

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