A French couple in a motorhome ask President Macron for help

Trapped in Morocco in their motorhome, a couple calls Macron for help.

A French couple in a motorhome from Ain (a French department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region) are stuck in a parking lot in the Fez (Morocco) shopping centre for more than a month and a half. They called on the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, to use his power to organize his repatriation.

The couple went to Morocco on February 17. Their vehicle remains in a car park in the Fez shopping centre. "All campsites were closed. "So we went to the basics: food, water, wifi that we have thanks to the employees who work in the area. Many people are kind to us and even offer us accommodation, money or food. We explained to them that we have everything we need in the motorhome ", according to Le Progrès, the couple fears the possible theft of their house for being so long outside of France.

"Obviously, it is a hard test for people who are stranded in southern Morocco with temperatures above 40° centigrades every day, and who are also old people, need medication or have appointments in France" in a hospital. "The couple explains that French people stranded in Morocco have the same request from the embassies or consulates: to organize a medical convoy for them through the Tangier-Algeciras (Spain) sea route, then take the highway and get home. "We all have return tickets that we can't use now, "they said.

"We are waiting for the French state to approach the Moroccan and Spanish authorities to organize our return," the couple said. With the process of gradual return to normal activity beginning on Monday, May 11 2020, in France, the couple expects the reopening of certain ferries. However, she regrets the fact that the Presidency of the Republic, to whom she had contacted, has not yet answered. "We have the impression that we are abandoned," they complained.

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