Leaving their motorhome and return by plane, difficult decision for motorcaravanners

A large number of motorcaravanners from various European countries are stranded in Morocco.

Photo: Camping.Car
Greece, Scandinavian Countries, Spain, Portugal... Since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, calls from motorhomers stranded abroad have been incessant. Their problem: finding a ferry to return with their motorhome. In all these individual dramas, one question is central: why don't you leave your motorhomes in a guarded place and try to travel by plane back home? Answer: this is inconceivable for them, their vehicle that is their home, for some of them the motorhome is their only home.

Embassies in different countries have been contacted, but since this is an exceptional situation, these embassies lack appropriate responses.

According to some French motorcaravanners, on April 10, 2020, we received an email from Béa and François, friends of ours; They are in Greece and want to return to France, but by boat -of course, with their motorhome. The only possible crossings appear to be in the direction of Italy, and are not allowed by the French authorities. The embassy also recommends leaving the motorhome and traveling by plane. For all of us, this is inconceivable, Béa explains in her email. We wish to return to France with our vehicle. We have been living in our motorhome for 8 months, how do we give up all this?

No doubt, these Motorcaravanners are experiencing a real drama - without the help of their respective embassies. They are in an unprecedented situation and, it seems, with a difficult solution. Since Morocco has no intention of confining them somewhere; on the contrary, they want to get rid of them and, on the other hand, their embassies do not listen to them. These people are clearly on edge. Lets hope that someone will be lucid enough to solve their problem.

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