Three new motorhome stopovers in Almería, Spain

The Almeria town hall has decided to carry out the construction of three motorhome 'aires' or stopovers. The project has been approved unanimously in the municipal plenary and considered of general interest by the different political groups.

Three new motorhome stopovers, Almería (Spain)
The Alcazaba, Almería
Three new motorhome stopovers
There is currently a motorhome 'aire' in Cabo de Gata Natural Park in Nijar. To overcome this deficiency, the construction of three new areas will begin in the following places: in Cabo de Gata-Nijar (there is already one stopover), the second one in Carboneras and the third between Ruescas and Pujaire (about 10 km from the centre of Almería). The important note is that works are expected to be ready for Easter time.

The province of Almeria is visited by many Spanish motorhomers and a large part of foreigners, mostly from northern Europe. The main interest is in the coastal zone, where the winter season makes a big difference due to its pleasant temperature for the enjoyment of tourists.

Is a city of Andalusia situated in the southeast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. It is the capital of the province of the same name.
The city has a great cultural and architectural interest. The coast of Almería has natural parks such as the Cabo de Gata (it is designated as a Biosphere Reserve since 1997), visited by tourists from many countries.

It should be remembered that Almeria also has a very good gastronomic offer, a recommended place to spend your holidays with reasonable prices and excellent price quality for an unforgettable stay.
Three new motorhome stopovers, Almería (Spain)
Mónsul beach, Cabo de Gata, Almería

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