Motorhome stopover in Jaca, Huesca, Spain

The city of Jaca has a new motorhome stopover. Although it is not yet officially opened, the site is already operational. It has 23 parking places in an exclusive enclosure. It provides drinking water, gray water and chemical discharge facilities. It will also offer hook up electricity, since there are still some small details to finish the area.

Undoubtedly, it is a highly welcome "aire" among motorhomers. Beyond its famous cathedral, one of the most important in Spain, the city of Jaca has a significant architectural heritage and, of course, it also has good value in local restaurants.

The location, the site is very close to the historical district, located in the parking place "Las Membrilleras" about two minutes walk to the city centre.

The city of Jaca is a municipality in province of Huesca, located in the region of the Aragon, Spain.

Calle Membrilleras, 36
22700 Jaca, Huesca
GPS coordinates: 42.567863 -0.545471

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