CaraMaps is an intresting new mobile application

Nicholas Rabault, one of the founders of CaraMaps, explains the virtues of this new mobile application launched in April 2015

Photo: sudouest.fr

Where to sleep? What are the best places to park or repair your vehicle? RV lovers will now find it much easier to plan their journey; especially if they are looking for adventure and like to feel free. But the main goal is to solve practical problems in advance for RV users anywhere. 

It is a mobile application that lists more than 35.000 addresses to find stopovers and parking, services, dealers or tourist offices in cities to visit. The second advantage of the system, the user joins the community allowing exchange of views and advice. In addition, CaraMaps users give their opinion, pointing restaurants, hotels, locations, add photos, etc. Indeed, this procedure provides valuable information to motorhomers.

Official site: https://www.caramaps.com/

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