The reason why RV's are deserting Morocco

More than international security, the cause of the problem is the lack of infrastructure for the reception of RV's in Morocco.
Foto: Medias24
According to Medias24 (Moroccan news in French) it has been found that in the town of Sidi Ifni, located southwest of Morocco, in 2013 there were between 400 to 500 motorhomes visiting the area; unfortunately, the following year no more than a few dozens of these vehicles were seen in that tourist location. 

It is true that security has improved; however, according Medias24, there are serious structural problems such as lack of chemical disposal points, electricity, hygiene, etc.
Moreover, the tourist information is rather poor.

Furthermore, in regard to this type of tourism, there is no planned strategy to have a criteria as basis for the future potential of motorhome tourism, there are no statistics for a clear vision on the economic benefits for the region.

As a result, many motorhomers are choosing destinations in Spain, since the there is a new approach by local governments and new entrepreneurs. This is due to the hundred of thousands of motorhomers visiting this country. That is why, especially in the Mediterranean, stopovers and rest areas for motorhomes are being installed with full services (in some cases, similar to a campsite) at affordable prices.

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