Thousands of motorhomers overwinter in southern and eastern Spain

Undoubtedly, it is a way to escape the freezing temperatures in northern Europe, but also in the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula.
This is something that Spaniards do very little, since 80% of motorhomers going to Spain are foreigners; mainly German, British and French.

As an example, some stopovers or motorhome areas in Valencia coastline include all services and overnight staying, prices ranging from 7 € to 12 €, depending on length of stay. They are offering almost the same services as campsites at very competitive rates, such us: showers, washing machines, sinks, hook up electricity, emptying chemical and grey water; pitches are large enough to open the awning or eating outside, within the space allocated to your motorhome.
Here's a huge difference with prices imposed by some camping sites.

In the last 2 years private enterprise in Spain is offering these new guarded motorhome areas with all necessary service.

In this regard, one should take into account the peace and quiet of being well located in a guarded place for a minimum expense.

Parking overnight in unguarded places, especially for long periods, is not advisable.

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