Two Spanish citizens have suffered an accident in France

On Monday afternoon, a motorhome skidded on the motorway stopping in a ditch. Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported.
On Monday, about 14 hours, for an undetermined reason (although the police had admitted that it could be due to high speed), a motorhome was off the road, on the A84 Gouvets. The driver and his wife are from Spain (aged between 73 and 69 years). The woman was not injured, but the driver (though it didn't looked serious) was taken to "Saint-Lô" hospital to carry out a medical examination. The accident caused significant delays until the afternoon in the direction Caen Rennes.

A reflection for all European motorhome drivers
Unfortunately, I would like to mention that there are an important number of drivers (motorhomers), both in Spain and other European countries who believe that a motorhome can be driven as a car. Although it is possible to go 120 km/h on motorways, prudence dictates a lower speed in order to control the vehicle in an emergency action (if am allowed, without any intention of offending, when conditions such as age of the driver and/or older motorhomes, etc.). So, to reduce the risk of accidents, it can be concluded that the above are reasons to be considered when driving.

I am including myself, as a motorhome driver, and since I am over 65 years old; like it or not, one has to reckon that, when driving, reflexes are not the same. 

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