FICC Council Elections, Finland, 2014

José I. González, Councillor of the FICC and Chairman of the Motorcaravanning Commission for Europe will not be a candidate in the forthcoming elections. Thus ends a long career which we explain below.

On July 30th 2014 will be held the Council elections for the FICC, also including the election of the President, which will emerge from among councillors having the highest number of votes. The elections will be held in Pori, a town located in the south-west of Finland, known as the city of jazz.
Associated Clubs and federations were duly convened by the FICC to participate in the General Assembly.

Jose I. Gonzalez has been in the FICC for the past 10 years. His experience in the FICC led him to take the initiative, on proposal of the President, João Alves Pereira, in incorporating the Motorcaravanning Commission. This first time ever Commission dedicated exclusively to motorhomes produced excellent results across Europe. This was followed by changing the name of the FICC, duly approved by its members and inserted on the Statutes on the General Assembly in 2012, as follows, "Fédération Internationale de Camping, Caravaning et Autocaravaning" the acronym or initials have been kept the same, FICC (also F.I.C.C.), maintained since 1933.

Jose I. Gonzalez entered the FICC on a proposal of the late Antonio Enriquez, then President of the FECC (Spanish Federation Campers Club), who had suggested that, given his knowledge of languages ​​(English, French), it would be convenient if he submitted his application for the FICC candidacy. He gladly accepted the proposal and thanked his friend Antonio for the confidence he had shown towards him. It should be added that in regard to camping, caravaning and motorcaravanning was unprecedented. For the first time ever, Spain would be represented in the FICC; after some unsuccessful attempts in the past (even being a founder member of the FICC).

Having been asked by his colleagues and friends, both in Brussels and Spain, given its wide and valued career in FICC, who did encouraged him to continue, since he had the support of the majority of members. He answered by saying, I have always been clear that I would remain a certain time, I said it then and I maintain it now. I believe that, at least, one should determine the required times, since time regulates our world and the universe; in my opinion, is never convenient griping to last moment in positions or ideas, etc. Such actions end up taking you to failure. Regarding to my decision, I think this is the right time to make way for new ideas. Together with my colleagues, I have done my work with enthusiasm and counting on our members support; humbly, I think we have achieved very good results.
However, it does not mean that everything is solved, there is much work to be done in the motorcaravanning sector.

What is the future of motorcaravanning in the FICC? I never liked giving advice to colleagues who will succeed me, since the procedures of the new group may depend on many factors that will affect the actions at all times; however, it is worth remembering that the FICC continues to be the number one motorhome entity in Europe and other sectors of leisure like caravanning and camping. So to keep it that way, it is necessary to innovate paying attention to new trends. Clubs and federations are the ones that should adapt themselves to new generations of RV's and camping and caravanning in general, if we find appropriate solutions, addressing the concerns of members, we will succeed. They are, after all, the most important part of our institutions.

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