Low Emission Zones in Europe may affect most vehicles

Planning a holiday in Europe? You may need to be aware of Low Emission Zones (LEZ). Any vehícle, including motorhomes, that doesn't meet required regulations is subject to possible charges or even prevented to circulate.

More than 200 cities and towns in 10 countries around Europe already have in place, or are preparing to launch, 'Low Emission Zones' (LEZ) - areas where the most polluting vehicles are regulated in some way. Vehicles may be banned or in some cases charged if they enter the LEZ when their emissions are over a set level.

If you're planning a motoring holiday in Europe in your own car it's important to know where these Low Emission Zones are, what kinds of vehicle are affected? What emissions standards are required? And whether registration is required or not.

Most zones affect only vans and lorries but some, including those in Germany and Italy, affect passenger cars too.
Low Emission Zones are also known as Environment Zones: 
  • Umweltzonen (Germany)
  • Milieuzones (Netherlands)
  • Lavutslippssone (Norway)
  • Miljozone (Denmark)
  • Miljözon (Sweden)
Source: theaa.com 

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