The Motorcaravanning Commission Meeting, Zadar, Croatia, 2013

The Motorcaravanning Commission held a Meeting on 19th April 2013 in Zadar, Croatia, a city on the Adriatic coast. The group debated a number of issues for the welfare of the European motorcaravanners.

Present in the Meeting
João Alves Pereira, President of the FICC
Jose I. Gonzalez, Chairman; members: Les Kendrick, Chris Wells, Gianni Picilli and Stan Stolwerk.

Invited guests as observers
  • Jerko Sladoljev, President of Top Camping Pool, Croatia
  • Jaime Santana, Vice-President of the Portuguese Federation
  • Rui Narciso, President of the Motorhome Association of Portugal
  • Frane Skoblar, General Director of Zaton Holiday resort, Zadar, Croatia
Before starting the meeting the members of the Commission were asked by the Chairman, José I. González, if they would agree that Mr. Rui Narciso, President of the Motorhome Association of Portugal, could state a problem regarding to motorhome parking; as he manifested in this respect, Portuguese motorcaravanners are suffering discrimination in his country. The Commission members unanimously accepted the proposal to be added on the agenda and to be debated on a future meeting.

The main points of the Meeting were the following:

B Driving Licence holders in the EU
Updating the actual category B licence to C1 97 for motorhomes.

A-Frame, Towing in other countries
This issue affects mainly motorcaravanners travelling to Spain.

Mobile phones while driving
Recommendations, risks of using a mobile phone while driving.

Dangers of GPS while driving
What to do before starting a journey.

Good Practice
Protect nature and environment, overnight parking, choosing a safe location and correct procedure.

Technical Motorcaravanning Information
Survey and Statistics on Motorcaravanning Habits. Technical information available from the FICC.

Motorcaravan articles
FICC News Magazine, articles about current issues held by the Commission.

The above were only some the main points discussed during the meeting.
The next Motorcaravanning Commission Meeting will be announced on this website.

A team working for the welfare of the European motorcaravanner,
The Motorcaravanning Commission, FICC, for Europe 

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