Sorradile, Sardinia, Italy
24th June 2012 – at 10:00 hours

The new elected commission held its first meeting in the town of Sorradile, Sardinia, on the site of the International Open-Air Tourism with the participation of Confedercampeggio, Italian Federation, as one of the organizers.

This Meeting was attended by the following members of the named Commission: Les Kendrick, board member of the Motorcaravanners’ Club, UK; Chris Wells, International Committee, The Camping and Caravanning Club, UK; Dr. Giovanni Picilli, President of Confedercampeggio; Willem Helwegen, Managing Director of NKC (Nederlandsee Kampeerauto Club) and José I. González, Chairman of the Commission. The President of the FICC, JoãAlves Pereira, participated in the Meeting and Mr. Jerko Sladoljev, President of Top Camping Pool, Croatia, attended as invited guest.

The first meeting of the Commission served to establish ties and future concerns of the members for decisions to be taken for the benefit of European motorcaravanners. An ample agenda was approved at the Meeting held throughout the day, it contain several matters such as: the upgrading of the B Driving Licence in the EU, Technical Motorcaravanning Information –statistics, reports-, Motorcaravanning Articles for the FICC News Magazine, Speed Limit for Motorcaravans in Europe, European Toll Prices, Vignettes (fixed toll price adopted in some countries), European Motorcaravanning, Good Practice (regarding to the image of Motorcaravanning) and Motorcaravan members in the FICC.
Two points were added to the agenda; the first by Dr. Giovanni Picilli with several suggestions to improve the running of Motorcaravanning in Europe; the second, by Mr Willem Helwegen with advice on “Environmental Emission Zones”.

Above all, we were able to make an assessment of the actual situation on the needs of motorcaravanning. It is evident that with the information gathered it would be possible to carry out properly the present task for improving conditions of our beloved hobby in Europe.

The next Meeting of the Motorcaravanning Commission it would be at the end of October. We will give you information after the event on this website.

The Motorcaravanning Commission Team, FICC

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