23rd of June 2012 

"Il Carapace" Newsletter, by Dr. Gianni Picilli, President of Confedercampeggio, Italian Confederation of Caravanners 

The Italian Confederation of Caravanners, together with the Region of Sardinia and the Comune of Sorradile, a small village overlooking Lake Omodeo, near Oristano (Sardinia), will be holding a convention on the subject of “80 years of open-air tourism in Italy. Is it still possible in Sardinia?” on Saturday, 23 June, 2012 at 10:00am, in the Centro di Aggregazione Sociale (Social Aggregation Center) of the village.  We, and the Mayor of Sorradile, Pietro Arca, would like to invite you to participate and share your thoughts on this event.  The occasion is an important one to discuss the evolution of open-air tourism in Italy, but also to share ideas on how to best enjoy our beloved recreational vehicle on the beautiful island. Read the full article below. 

Don't forget that before the International event in Sardinia, you can still participate in the Friendship Rally in Monza (where the famous International racetrack is located), 28 - April to 1st of May, 2012

Read "Il Carapace" Newsletter, English version, published by the Italian Federation - http://federcampeggio.it/
Il Carapace, Italian Newsletter


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