Is the number one organization with the largest number of associates in the world of motor caravanning, only in Europe there are more than 375.000 motorhomers with FICC membership (there about 1.500.000 motorhomers in the European continent, only an estimated 45% of the total amount is federated). The vast majority are distributed among Great Britain: The Motorcaravanners Club, Camping and Caravanning Club and The Caravan Club; Germany: Deutscher Camping Club; France: Fédération Française de Camping et de Caravaning; Italy: Confedercampeggio, ACTI Italia and many other European countries, including Russia. No doubt, this is a hallmark that summarizes the experience of the longstanding partners on this field.

FICC foundation
1933 was the year that marked the beginning of FICC’s history when, on 4th June, the very first FICC Rally and General Assembly, known as the Congress in those days, was held in Great Britain. It came about because a number of countries had come to the conclusion that constituting an international camping federation was both necessary and desirable. Thus it was that 390 campers from 13 clubs representing Belgium, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Czechoslovakia took part in that first general assembly and Rally in Hampton Court Park.  
Source of this paragraph: FICC

Thus was formed the first International Federation known as the FICC, which includes Camping, Caravanning and Motor caravanning worldwide.

The FICC Nowadays
It is present in 37 countries which includes 62 affiliated clubs and federations and, at the moment, the FICC has new applications for membership being dealt with at the Brussels headquarters; it represents 4.5 million people, appox., making it the largest institution in the world of camping, caravanning and motor caravanning.

The First Motor Caravanner in the World
The FICC was the first international organization having motor caravanners, since 1933, among their members. The Camping and Caravanning Club, one the FICC founding clubs, counted in 1906 with, probably, the first practical motorhome in the world, it belonged to Mr. J.B Mallaieu, constructed in 1906 by Belsize Motor Co. It cost over £ 1.000 and it could average 9 mph (around 14 km/h). Source: First on the Field.
A true marvel, especially considering it was the beginning of the motor caravan.

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