Security essentials to protect you and your motorhome

Motorhomes are expensive, high ticket items - there are a number of considerations in securing your investment. Motorhome and Recreational Vehicle theft is on the rise worldwide as criminals become better at both stealing these vehicles and disposing of them. The main elements of securing your vehicle include locks, alarms and tracking devices.

Locking your campervan - you need to ensure that the all vehicle doors lock effectively. This includes cab doors, habitation area doors and external storage doors (particularly if there is internal access to the storage area). If parked up, either on camp site or over winter in storage, you might consider a wheel clamp locking device - extremely effective in deterring thieves. Another effective visual deterrent is a steering wheel locking device - this can be a bar-lock, circular-lock or even a chain and padlock can do the job. Manufacturers such as Fiamma provide extra locking devices designed to be installed on the outside of the vehicle. I've even seen owners use their seat belts wrapped around the door handles to provide extra cab door security.

Traditional vehicle alarms can be the most effective form of security for your motorhome. Many vehicles come pre-fitted by the manufacturer with an alarm. The siren is usually housed under the hood and it is activated upon opening a vehicle door. Often a key component of the alarm is a window sticker advertising the fact that this vehicle is alarmed - the bad guys usually move on the the next vehicle. Engine immobilisers are fitted on most modern RV's and motorhomes - this prevents activation of the engine without a genuine key assigned to that vehicle, by manufacturer.

Motorhome tracking devices or RV tracking devices are the latest form of protection for motorhome owners. A number of providers allow the owner fit a concealed tracking device in their vehicle that sends a tracking signal, identifying the whereabouts of the vehicle. These can be purchased for a one off fee or on a monthly basis. There are advantages and disadvantages to displaying the external sticker - do you want to alert the bad guys?
Finally - the best security of all often comes in the form of good practice. Simple habits like always locking all doors when the vehicle is unattended are effective in not signaling your vehicle as an easy target. Never leave valuables on display in your vehicle. Never leave windows open. For further information about motorhomes and recreational vehicles and how best to secure them – visit


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