Motor Caravanners in the South of Spain Say Goodbye to Winter!

The South of Spain, and especially Almeria, is a meeting place for a large number of German motorcaravanners  in winter, but also English and French choose the coast of Almeria, by the way, quite rightly. As an example, Roquetas de Mar, at 22 km from Almeria city, is a place frequented by retired and young people looking for milder temperatures to practice their favourite outdoor sports.
The promenade and cycle route linking the port of Roquetas de Mar (Almeria), joining the town of Agua Dulce, completes a unique journey of nearly 10 miles promenade.

Roquetas de Mar (Almeria)
The “Urbanizacion” (or simply known by the name of Urba), situated at 3 km from Roquetas de Mar, is ideal as a base area for motorcaravanners for the availability of parking, mostly free parking. 
Almerimar (Almeria) is a beautiful yacht port frequented mostly by English tourist, is very attractive place where you will find everything to enjoy your staying.
Mojacar (Almeria) is a picturesque village of Arab origin that is worth visiting. In any of the mentioned towns you will find parking available. In any case, for parking and / or overnight staying is recommended that you take appropriate precautions by parking properly, as described on the FICC 10 Ten Tips, available on the right side of this page. Note that in Almeria there are 4 stopovers/aires with service for motorcaravans, indicated at the bottom of this page.
In the area called Urba, mentioned above, (where many foreigners, mostly Germans, own a house) there is a very good bus service available, the fare is lower than in other cities of Spain.

The most important feature is the sun and the absence of rain with the sky usually bright and clear. When other parts of Spain are freezing in this graceful part of the Iberian Peninsula you can walk without heavy clothing or any winter outfit. Walking on the beach with a temperature of about 20 centigrades is sheer joy.

The Almeria coast is protected by the Sierra de Gador (Gador mountain range), thus exerting a kind of huge shield against the cold of the Sierra Nevada (mountain range, a well known ski resort), not to mention the Gulf of Almeria Cabo de Gata (Cape Gata, a protected natural environment) which contributes to the most pleasant winter temperatures on the entire Iberian Peninsula.

This is what people from Almeria call to the huge number of greenhouses that cover the fields. If travelling at night the reflection of the huge expanses of plastic may seem like a vision of the sea. The first impression to the visitor may not be as pleasant as expected to be; however, in reality, there's a world of innovation and technology that has turned around the economy of the province. The huge number of jobs directly and indirectly had an impact on the great need for immigrant labour, probably the highest rate of foreign population in Spain.

The Almeria greenhouse has nothing to do with the traditional greenhouse. To understand its operation and the growing precision of vegetables, it cannot be appreciated from the outside, it is essential to go on a guided tour.

Finally, if you are a motorcaravanner, you may like to know that in Almeria you have 4 stopovers/aires available, with everything you need for the motorcaravan, for details click the following link: ACAREAS 

Enjoy a stroll around Almeria in winter!

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