International Activities

Selected International rallies, meetings and special events in 2020 

62nd FECC, Spanish National Rally - 4 to 12 April 2020 
It is an event held every year in different parts of Spain - where many motorhomes participate. It usually takes place during Easter, there are 7 days where there are tastings, games, optional excursions and much more.  Please, clic here for more information


70th FICC Youth Rally, 9 to 13 April 2020. 
It is an international event in which, since 70 years ago, a large number of young people participate. It is done every year in different countries and even on other continents. It is, without a doubt, a celebration in which the participants relate and share a few days with young people from other cultures. See more details on the official website of the meeting:


90th FICC Rally 2020, 24 July to 2 August 2020. 
This year will be celebrated in Ostia Antica, region of Rome (Italy).
This is an international event attended by many motorhomes, it has been held since 1933 in different countries of Europe and other continents. It is an opportunity to interact with people from other cultures and create new friendships. 

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